5 Reasons to Buy Locally Grown Food


Choosing local is choosing food that is grown and harvested intentionally. It gets to your plate when it’s meant to be eaten — full of flavor that allows you to explore your taste buds in creative new ways! 

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Shopping locally allows you to easily put your health — and the health of your family — front and center.

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Family Farms

Farmers are hardworking members of our communities. Supporting them now means supporting the future of local farming, open spaces, and healthy, flavorful food for future generations.

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Local farms can have a huge impact on our local environment by reducing use of pesticides, building healthy soils that reduce erosion and disease, provide open spaces, regenerate the land and so much more! 

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Our Communities

Local food is for everyone — we are all stakeholders in the local food system and our families and communities benefit from our participation.

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