Our Mission

Our goal at BFBLGLV is to build the Greater Lehigh Valley local food economy.

Program Overview

BFBLGLV is working to build the Greater Lehigh Valley local food economy by educating consumers about the many benefits of choosing locally grown foods; promoting local food providers; improving fresh food access; facilitating local food purchases by wholesale buyers; providing research about our local food economy; and convening the Thriving Local Food System branch of the Food Policy Council.

BFBLGLV is a program of the Nurture Nature Center, a 501(c)3 organization. Buy Fresh Buy Local is a network of Chapters across the country, dedicated to increasing the economic viability of small family farms and strengthening regional food systems by expanding markets for locally produced foods. Chapters are working to rebuild local food systems and promote sustainable agriculture by connecting consumers in communities throughout the country to fresh, locally grown and produced foods. Each Buy Fresh Buy Local Guide showcases local food producers and businesses who pledge to adhere to the standards of their Buy Fresh Buy Local Chapter, helping shoppers navigate the crowded food marketing landscape.  Through the creation of local food guides, community events, and educational materials, Buy Fresh Buy Local makes it easy for shoppers to find and connect with local food and the farmers who grow it. Learn more about Buy Fresh Buy Local here.

Buy Fresh Buy Local is a registered trademark of the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture.

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Find Local Foods

Wherever you are in the Greater Lehigh Valley, BFBLGLV makes it easy for you to find locally grown foods with an interactive Local Food Finder and a downloadable Local Foods Guide. We also offer a Farmers’ Market Map and a Lehigh Valley Harvest Calendar (find them and many other great resources here) so you know when your favorite foods are in season and where to find them. Newsletters keep you abreast of what’s happening on a regular basis with our partners and the local food system.

Local Food Finder

Improving Food Access

Use your SNAP/EBT card to purchase fresh, local fruits and vegetables at a participating location, and BFBLGLV will match every dollar you spend, up to $10 per day with the Fresh Food Bucks program!

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Food Policy

BFBLGLV is deeply engaged in food policy work. It has conducted food forums within the communities it serves and has undertaken research about the local food system. It has also developed an Assessment Report: The Lehigh Valley Local Food Economy, and convenes the Thriving Local Food System branch of the Food Policy Council. BFBLGLV continually identifies policy issues and makes recommendations to further support farmers, businesses, and consumers, as well as the local food system as a whole.

Assessment Report

Project Lead

  • Allison Czapp

Advisory Committee

  • Allison Czapp
    Buy Fresh Buy Local-Greater Lehigh Valley

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