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2019 Farm Show Celebrates GLV producers!



As Pennsylvania residents, we are lucky to boast that the PA Farm show is the largest indoor agricultural exposition under one roof. Showcasing all sides of agriculture, from animal husbandry, crop production, and value-added products to competitions, agritechnology, and delicious food, the event highlights Pennsylvania’s innovative and thriving agricultural heritage and future. Visitors get to experience an event that celebrates, “the quality and breadth of Pennsylvania’s agriculture industry and the people who make it thrive. The show offers visitors a tiny slice of the industry that employs nearly half a million people and contributes $185 billion to Pennsylvania’s economy every year. The Pennsylvania Farm Show offers something for everyone, young and old, farmers and non-farmers, foodies and just people who like to have fun.”

At Buy Fresh Buy Local, we had the opportunity to experience the PA Farm Show while volunteering at the newly instituted PA Farm Markets Farm Stand. While the sheer amount of traffic to park meant it took us a little longer to get in and explore, we were excited to see so many people interested in experiencing PA agriculture day after day. Centered in the main hall where the butter sculpture used to be, the new vegetable stand provided a wonderful opportunity for visitors to connect with farmer’s markets in their area and see and purchase the extensive selection of vegetables still being grown in Pennsylvania this winter. The stand also featured a widely popular PA map where visitors could place a pin in where they were from – by the end, the map was filled from edge to edge!

As one must, we were sure to visit this year’s butter sculpture, watch a few animal competitions, taste some (delicious!!) apple cider, walk through the MushRoom, and explore the innumerable exhibits throughout the show.



What we are most excited about though is all the awards our Buy Fresh Buy Local of the Greater Lehigh Valley partners received! We are proud to see them honored at the Farm Show (and are glad our the quality of our favorites have been confirmed)!

Valley Milkhouse – 1st place in Soft Cheese, 5th place in Mold Ripened Cheeses

Black River Farms – Chambourcin – Gold, Lemberger – Bronze

Franklin Hill – Evanswood – Silver, Fire – Silver, Katie’s Creek – Silver, Sir Walter’s Red – Silver

White Jade – Bronze, Hard Cider – bronze

Tolino – Cabernet Franc – Gold, Lilly – Bronze, Papa’s Red – Bronze, Vidal Blanc – Bronze

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