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Farm Markets and Retail Stores

Retail Farm Markets, Specialty Grocers, and Farm Stands offer a convenient shopping experience where you can pick up your groceries at one location throughout the week.

Farm Stands and Roadside Stands are just what they sound like — farmers stock tables, sheds, or other outbuildings with fresh-from-the-field produce. Farmers replenish their stands throughout the day and customers can swing by when it’s convenient for them. Many farms stands are open dawn to dusk, but check a specific farm’s listing for exact hours. Most of our farmer partners operate farm stands, visit our Local Food Finder to find one near you! 

Retail Farm Markets

Retail Farm Markets are bigger than a roadside stand, and may be on-farm or at a different location. Farmers own the stand and grow most of the produce available. Many retail farm markets also source from other producers throughout the region so you can find many different foods and products in one perfectly curated collection!

Specialty Grocers

There are also other retail and online stores that source locally grown produce, even though they aren’t growing it themselves. Check out one of the partners below to see what stores are selling local products in your community and taste the difference!

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