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Fruits and vegetables shouldn’t be part of a science experiment about shelf life. They are meant to be eaten! And you absolutely cannot beat the taste of locally grown food, picked at the peak of flavor.

Just think of a time when you bit into a perfectly ripe, juicy, local peach in July, compared to a rock-hard, dry or mealy grocery store peach. Our local farmers know how to get food to your plate when it tastes the best! Local farmers carefully select produce varieties based on taste, rather than those optimized for shipping and long shelf lives. They care about quality because they know their customers. Local fruits and vegetables are often sold within 24 hours of being harvested and are incredibly fresh because they’ve traveled fewer miles to the consumer. The result is exceptional, more complex flavors!

Meanwhile, the industrial food system aims to make sure people can get whatever they want, whenever they want – regardless of quality or flavor. This system chases seasons around the globe, sourcing produce that has been grown to withstand harsh mechanical harvesting and lengthy shipping and storage times. Supermarket produce travels an average of 1,500 miles from farm to table! This means fruits and vegetables are often harvested long before they are ready and artificially “ripened” using synthetic chemicals that try to mimic natural processes. But this can affect flavor and texture in negative ways (ever eat any red, but rubbery, strawberries from a large grocery store?). You deserve better than that! 

The takeaway: Local food is often harvested within 24-hours of being sold (or it is properly cured and stored for longer use). Local farmers are experts working hard to get the highest quality, most flavorful foods directly to you!

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