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Liberty Gardens

Liberty Gardens, run by Jeffrey Frank and Kristin Illick, grows the highest quality greens, vegetables and herbs for restaurants in the Lehigh Valley and New York City. Our quality is based on improving soil fertility, identifying superior plant varieties, and close attention to detail.

We were certified organic from 2000-2003, but have since found that personal relationships with our customers provide a greater trust and understanding of our growing methods. As part of our commitment to soil health, we use no synthetic chemicals and no genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

4390 Liberty Rd, Coopersburg, PA 18036

We sell to wholesale buyers!

Farm Details

Produce Seasonal Vegetables/Fruits, Greens, Root Crops, Herbs
Farming Practices

At Liberty Gardens, we put the soil first. We use cultural practices such as crop rotation, cover crops and compost to maintain our soil's fertility and structure, We also do much of the field work by hand to reduce the negative effects of heavy machinery. Our soil is very high in organic matter (a characteristic of well-managed soil) and alive with organisms of all kinds. This rich biology breaks down plant material, improves soil drainage, and, most importantly, makes nutrients available to plants, Having a living soil means that our vegetables are full of flavor and nutrition and are better able to fend off pests and disease. Simply put, healthy soil equals healthy people. (For those of you who'd like a more in-depth discussion about our growing practices, just ask! It's our favorite topic.) We were Certified Organic from 2000-2003, and Certified Naturally Grown from 2004-2007. While we still employ all of those practices (and more), we have found that direct relationships with our customers, and the trust and education that develops, has been a better investment of our time.

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